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Great post.

I would like to offer my thoughts to this,

Speaking from my perspective , both my parents were born and raised in Mexico, having came to US as adults.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles area, and began playing soccer since the age of 4. Competitively since 10 , and was lucky enough to compete all across California representing my club team that was based out of the Anaheim area until the age 0f 17 where I then committed to play for Cal State San Bernandino, (life happened, and never ended up playing an official match)

Point is:

I will always root for and back Mexico. Reason being, the thousands of games I played as a youth led me to love the Mexican national team and see the USMNT as an enemy. As you may or may not know, Anaheim/OC area has MANY white people. (with pockets of Mexicans)

The club team I was in growing up was 90% Mexican players, 10% other latino (Gautemalan, Honduran, we even had a Nicaraguan kid for a small stint.) most of the other club teams we faced were WHITE teams. 100% white kids. occasionally we would run into another team like us. 90% Mexican 10% other.

In my "prime" I tried out for one of these "white" club teams (BETTER FUNDED, MORE SCOUTS/TIES to colleges). I was definitely better than most of the player and especially was the best at my position clearly... they did not accept me in the club, so stayed in my predominantly Mexican team.

It was not a direct, "Your mexican so you cant play for us".. but , I was not the firt not the last kid this happened to.

I learned from my many years of paying at the high youth levels that this is very common. Segregation amongst teams exists heavily, even till today.

In my opinion due to this, as a huge soccer fan, we (Mexican Americans) come up with this pride that we are Mexican, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the sport. We can never wear a jersey that saw us as lower class, and denied us opportunities simply because we did not look like them.

I have countless stories of examples of this occurring, but I will save you the drama. Needless to say, this is why they go to Ohio, and will forever go to Ohio until this culture starting at the youth system changes.

(This is why you will also continue to see these American born, 1st generation Mexicans continuously picking to represent Mexico vs the USA.)

Thanks for your time! Subscribed!

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